The Eli Global Reform Foundation


Our vision at the Eli Global Reform Foundation, is to significantly help with rehabilitating and decreasing the recidivism rate of incarcerated individuals, as well as to lessen the influence of intergenerational criminal behavior in our society. We see the potential for rehabilitation in incarcerated people whose sentencing does not exceed a year but is at least three months.

Given our backgrounds, we have the unique ability to connect to educational, political and community leaders, as well as activists, business owners, unions and an endless number of inspiring individuals committed to the same goal. We are a united group of diverse individuals truly focusing on preventing re-incarceration, thus educating and unifying our communities is very important to our mission.

Our vision extends well beyond the walls of the jails where generational incarceration begins. Our ultimate vision is to help these men and women deviate from their current path to a more productive and successful approach to life. We are committed to helping produce enriched, educated and skilled members of society that will contribute to the very communities they come from.

At the basis of our vision of reducing recidivism and rehabilitation is an understanding that if we are able to actively work towards our goals, we must also focus on rebuilding the family and community involvement. The goal is to reach the children and partners of the incarcerated by providing services that correlate with what is being done inside the jails.

Our vision lies in the idea that every man and woman we support in rising above and beyond these circumstances, will help them to elevate themselves, their families and their communities.

Our Partners