The Eli Global Reform Foundation


Having worked directly with the incarcerated population and their families at some of New York City’s toughest jails, we realized the innate calling to do more.

Our mission is to “Bridge the Gap” and put “Correction” back into the Department of Correction. Working on the front line in correctional facilities, we understand more than most, that many of the incarcerated population, could potentially decrease recidivism significantly if not for the lack of education, skills, understanding and resources to this group of men and women.

We feel a duty to re-defining and enhancing the idea of Correction Officers in jails. We are looking to develop a pathway for the incarcerated men and women to make better life choices and assist in developing means to support those choices. The Eli Global Reform Foundation sees the potential of incarcerated people and understand the difference we can make by taking simple but effective measures to provide resources, services, education and job-training to help guide them towards a better direction.