At ¨Lynx¨ we create opportunities for it to exist the interconnection between investors and business developers, to take advantage of maximum return on capital, generating new business opportunities and more jobs in the countries where we operate. Our trajectory generating connections of business is decades old, having as a field of action to provide solutions in the areas of advertising, marketing, logistics, technology, communications, infrastructure among others, for business partners private and public sector, both at the individual level as corporate all over the world.

We carry out our work of social responsibility through this foundation, focusing on help other organizations that have more trajectory and experience in this field. The we support them with medications they need and we we become your allies to raise funds that allows them to carry out their altruistic work.

We are a non-traditional media agency that gives our clients the opportunity to have an innovative space where they can advertise, at the same time establishing a relationship with different brands which give an added value to their advertising.

Since 2006 the Jack Brewer Foundation has helped populations around the world combat extreme poverty and human rights challenges.

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community. The members of these  communities that volunteer provide the momentum that helps us affect change. Through using personal life experience and community input we are able to make change.

Let’s Make A Difference Together